Mohsen Estesnaei is the chief executive officer of the Ferdows-Nab Company in the South Khorasan Province in Iran. The company was delivered to him by the Board of Directors under the circumstances that it had lost 300% of its capital which meant the company had accumulated deficit three times its assets. He drove the company out of crisis during three years and made it profitable. He has great interest in the books of mysticism, success and motivational books. The book “The depth of vision” is the second book written by him. However, he’s not very satisfied with his previous book “Why don’t you target the Achilles’ heel of Amazon?”.
According to him, as “The depth of vision” is a combination of mysticism and success, it can be ranked alongside the book “12 pillars” by Jim Rohn.
In his view, since Napoleon Hill, masters of success have reached to the conclusion that the formula of success needs the burning love. But, the mystics have known for centuries that the formula of success is just summarized in the burning love. These days he’s busy writing a new book which compares the burning love introduced by the masters of success in the last years with the burning love the mystics have been talking about for centuries.

I have written two books inculding “Why don’t you target the Achilles’ heel of Amazon?” and “The Depth of Vision”. I will send you a free PDF file of the book if you leave an honest review.


Napoleon Hill gives lots of reasons in his book entitled Think and Grow Rich to claim that you can get rich by thinking. I intend to give reasons to prove that you can get rich by loving.
This book is about a young man who owns 15 chain stores but has not been able to update his stores on online selling. Hence, his business is going bankrupt. He encounters an old man in a coffee shop. He teaches the young man how to create creativity by love and how to grow rich by creativity. The old man shares a start-up idea with him, and with reasons, he explains and claims that his idea can bring victory for his stores in online sales, even over a store as large as Amazon.

Why Don’t You Target the Achilles’ Heel of Amazon?

A very practical rule
Destroying is always easier than creating. Tearing is simpler than swinging. It takes years to construct a building but it can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Now, let’s see how we can make use of this practical rule. Is it possible to take advantage of destroying poverty instead of making wealth? Doubtlessly, both will lead to the same result.
According to the rule I mentioned earlier, destroying is always easier than creating. Hence, theoretically, if we intend to reach wealth, it’s easier to step into the path of eradicating poverty than stepping into the path of reaching wealth.
But the main question is if we can put this idea into practice?
The story of this book is about a student who aims to investigate different aspects of people’s view towards the phenomenon of poverty for his thesis. At the end, he finds out one person only has the wealth-making view towards the phenomenon of poverty among the subjects.

The Depth of Vision


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